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AlsenTrucks longboard truck designed for precision steering and stability.



Alsen Trucks warrants all products to be free from defects in workmanship and materials, under normal residential use and conditions, for a period of one (1) year from the original invoice date, the warranty only covers the first buyer. if you are the second or third owner it will don’t apply to you.


1- The warranty does not cover external aspects that do not affect the ride, such as debris from the track hitting the hanger at high speeds, scratches, discoloration, etc.


2- The warranty does not cover damage to the trucks caused by being run over by any vehicle.


3- The warranty does not cover any damage caused to the set of trucks due to impact, collisions with vehicles, guardrails, and other solid objects.


4- The warranty is only valid if the set of trucks is used and maintained in accordance with the instructions, warnings, and safeguards contained in the owner’s manual


when the package arrives at your house and you notice your product is defective, first, you should contact our warranty contact here, after the first contact you should send photos and videos, then you may send it back to us, freight prepaid.


We will inspect it and let you know our report. If we decide your product is defective or failed to give reasonable service, we will replace it with a similar, available product of the same or better condition and pay for the shipping back to you.


Shipping and handling fees are to be paid for by the customer. The manufacturer agrees, at its option during the warranty period, to repair any defect in material or workmanship or to furnish a repaired or refurbished product of equal value in exchange without charge (except for a fee for shipping, handling, packing, return postage, and insurance which will be incurred by the customer). Such repair or replacement is subject to verification of the defect or malfunction and proof of purchase as confirmed by showing the model number on the original dated sales receipt


Claims for defective merchandise must be made within TWO months from the invoice date. Claims for

missing parts must be made within 10 calendar days after the merchandise is received

Any claim for defective merchandise returns must be packed in original packaging


We reserve the right to specify that items be returned to the original warehouse for inspection or be

inspected by our representative in the field

Pictures are required to claim defective merchandise, along with a copy of the original invoice

If the claim is justified, the item(s) or part(s) will be repaired or replaced or a credit will be issued. It is

our policy to replace parts whenever possible

You should send an e-mail to this address this e-mail should contain your full name, complete address, order number, and photos and videos of the problem, and we will reply asap


The warranties provided above are the only warranties applicable. ALSENTRUCKS makes no other warranties, express or implied, in connection with any product purchased from us including warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. In addition, ALSENTRUCKS shall not be responsible for any consequential or indirect loss or damages incurred in connection with the use of any product purchased from us.




Health Warning: Skateboarding is inherently a dangerous activity and can be extremely hazardous to your health very easily. It is considered to be a very hazardous sport. Always wear a CPSC-certified helmet, approved skate shoes, knee pads, and wrist guards when on a skateboard for the highest level of personal safety.  Use of products purchased from may result in injuries and risks commonly associated with outdoor sporting-type activities.  By using the products sold by you voluntarily assume the risk of injuries, and further acknowledge that ALSENTRUCKS shall not be responsible for any injuries or damages resulting from the use of its products!  Be aware of all applicable laws which may govern the use of this product in public areas as this product is not to be used in such instances which may violate local laws and/or in public areas which may cause injuries or accidents to bystanders. You have chosen to participate in a Dangerous Extreme Sport! Please enjoy the products of ALSENTRUCKS responsibly and with good judgment.

Let's enjoy the longboarding and share the living.

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