Here in the users manual you will learn tips to enjoy all the potential of your alsen trucks.


1 - How assembly the wheel in your hangers axle, there are two correct ways to use Alsen Trucks spaceable axles.

user manual

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1.1 - With the 5mm spacer in the inner side, this way making the hanger more wide,

1.2 - This way is assembling the spacer in the out side, resulting in a narrow hanger setup

There are the incorrect way to assembly your wheel in the axle, you never should skate without spacers.

the V2 axles














Here are the components of our new V2 axles, you should always use all component shown here, otherwise yours whells won't work correctely

Nano mount

Wide mount

You must be careful to don't tight too much the axle nut, it may occour a stress inside the axle structure causing the snapping of the same and the threadlocker glue, only torque to lock the wheel nicely is enough, make sure change the nuts regulary, the plastic that lock the nut may have some wear.

Now we will talk about the kingpin, Kingpin is the bolt thats hold the polyurethane bushings in, the bushings is the elastic material that allows the truck turn and lean, and there are some things you need to know so your trucks work perfectly,

The Alsen Trucks are designed around the Riptide bushings, so if you gonna use Venom bushings make sure use a thin washer in the board side bushing, this is very important to ensure that the hanger is perfectly aligned with the baseplate, as you can see in the image at the side, your set will come with 90a bushings as stock, they are for a person with 75-85kg, if you are havier you will need a more hard bushing, if you are more lighter you will need a more soft bushing,

but dont let to play the stiffness of your truck only by tighne very much the bushing if you are uncofortable with 90a bushings and you are havier tahn 90kg, you should use the correct bushing for your wheight, some riders like mix bushing duros in theirs setup, you can see more about they like to use in our Alsen International Group in Facebook

also bellow are some official Riptide Bushings duros infographic.

Now to assembly the truck in the board you should always use 4 screws in each baseplate, it's obligatory to make sure the the truck is "locked" into the deck, we recommend use our precision hardware to best performance, also you need only use hard/solid risers, never use the soft ones.

risers 1.png

To rise your Alsen Trucks axle heigth we higly recommend you use our precision riders made of aluminiun, if you pick the correct setup they ensure that the axle height difference will be 0mm between the front and rear truck.

Bonus: we recommend you use our precision toe-stop to complete the setup and enjoy the best performance

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