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Alsen INDRA Nano Series

Updated: Feb 23


In the past, you need a big skateboard or longboard to get stability. Now (last couple of years) quality of board construction and trucks/wheels improved a lot. So you can run narrow/short boards with tight trucks- ALSENTRUCKS INDRA Nano Series for skateboarding and longboarding.

Brief history

In the mid of the year 2000, Downhill Professional Skate began to appear the first precision trucks, back then people wonder if wider hanger trucks were more stable than smaller ones, one of the first precision trucks ever was 204mm wide, they really were more stable, but, with decades of skating, with the improving of wheels technology, people were slowly noticing that also steer a wide truck like this is very difficult, also wider hangers provides less grip than the smaller ones

The push for Trucks that can make tight curves between 2010-2016 took a while and people were focusing on getting the most amount of grip from their wheels, now that wheel tech is the best ever and most DH wheels grip insanely more and roll faster.

Now trucks are getting tweaked, basically squeezing the most out of the lemon trying to get more grip/turn/lean, and with the truck's geometry getting more advanced stability is easy to overcome now.

Mix up the benefits such as (Tall Bushing, Axle Height, Rake, 3D Bushing Seat, Forged Structure, CNC Machined surface. Improved Flanged Pivot), delivery of improved steering, and tons of grip and stability.

INDRA project at the time had an internal codename PL2, passed for hundreds of formats and geometries exhausting testing in the IDF world circuit before the final form was released, the project started in 2016, and it took 3 years of developing and testing to release now in 2019.

We are proud to present to you the INDRA Nano Series.

All hangers and baseplates are machined from a forged blank instead a billet block.

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