ALSENSK8 Downhill Gloves

ALSENSK8 Downhill Gloves


ALSENSK8 Downhill Gloves, made with real leather, real carbon fiber in the knuckle, reinforced seam, breatheable hole punched leather to avoid orverheating your hands during sunny days, also facilitating dry out after rainy runs.


Pucks CNC machined from the material POM, spark version has spark stones to make firecracker effect.


Warning: 1. In order to keep safety, ALSENSK8 PUCK can only be used with gloves design and provided by ALSENSPORTS; 2. When using ALSENSK8 SPARK PUCK, it should be avoided that there is no inflammable within 3 meters around the sport; 3. ALSENSK8 SPARK PUCK is not allowed to be close to the fire, cannot be baked and heated, and cannot be placed in the sun for exposure.




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